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I never see failure as failure, but only as a learning

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Signs of Aging?

Early this week, I carried a carton of A4 size papers from point A to point B in the office. Didn’t know how many reams were in the carton; probably 6 reams. And I wasn’t wearing very high heels either. However the next morning, I felt a sharp pain at my lower back.

It was so bad that I couldn’t bend a bit at all. I knew I had strained my back. I had problem putting on a skirt; getting up from a chair was a little chore for me too, (that includes getting up from a toilet seat!). I woke up with pain each time when I turned in my sleep. Never knew turning in bed takes so much muscle strength to achieve.

I didn’t go see a doc; knowing I would be given pain killers and muscle relaxants. If I take pain killers, then I won’t know if my condition has worsened or improved. I applied some emu gel on my back to help relax the muscles. It helps a bit. Now my back has patches of plasters, those that ease muscles and back pains.

Is this sign of old age? Nay…Just a wrong position when lowering my back to carry heavy things that’s all.

Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup Final 2010

I’m not a soccer fan but since the final was to be shown on our national tv free-of-charge, I didn’t mind watching. So I bought some munchies and soft drinks and even napped a bit in order to stay awake during the game. It’s scheduled at 2.20am Monday morning.

Netherlands vs Spain; thought it would be exciting to watch. I don’t know much about soccer and the rules. But I do know what’s ‘off line’ and ‘yellow cards’. Many yellow cards were given as the players from both teams played very roughly.

I didn’t particularly support any of the team; I don’t even know the players. I planned to cheer for any goal into the net.

After 90mins and still no goal; extra time was given. At the 116th minute, there’s a goal! I gave a soft cheer (as I didn’t want to wake up my family members). I thought Netherlands had scored but when I looked at the score on the screen, it stated Netherland:0; Spain:1. All along I thought the players in orange shirts were the Spanish and the ones in blue were the Dutch. Oops… Nonetheless I was happy for Spain. They are the champions.