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Monday, August 17, 2015

Simple Life

A good friend of mine visited me recently and bought me some dragon fruits.
She told me she doesn't know how to tell if the dragon fruits were ripe or not. My maid told me she knows as she planted them at home. Out of curiosity, I asked her what else she planted at home. Durians,

bananas, chilli, coffee beans. She also reared chickens and planted vegetables (considered organic as she didn't use pesticides on the latter).

I presumed she goes to the market to buy fish if she wanted some. She replied:"Don't need. Just go to the river to catch". So basically, apart from rice, she just need to go to her backyard (and river) to get whatever she needed for lunch and dinner. She also brought some bananas and chilli to the market to sell.

Her purpose of coming to Singapore to work is to save up for her son's future education and to buy a piece of land to build a house (she doesn't want to stay with her mother-in-law). I told her I envy this kind of lifestyle. She told me I could go stay with her once she had her house built.

Looking at the food prices here, everything (I really mean everything) has increased. I have to compare prices between NTUC, Cold Storage and the wet market before making any purchases nowadays.

Third world countries, the costs of living are so much lower. The thought of migrating to a third world country has formed in my mind.