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Sunday, September 12, 2010

APAC Transformative Leadership Program

Early this month, my company held an APAC Transformative Leadership Program for our staff from the local and regional offices. They had to stay here for 3 days.

On the first day, after the training, the participants thought they could relax a bit and enjoy the dinner. However they were told that they had to cook some local dishes that were assigned to their respective teams. Only two were locals; the rest were from the regional countries.

The dishes they had to cook were: chilli crabs; rojak, asum fish, Hainanese chicken rice, fried chicken & boh boh cha cha (a kind of local desert that has coconut milk in it).

We had to eat whatever they cooked. It actually turned out quite good (probably we were all hungry). And the winning team was the one that did the chilli crabs!



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