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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How bad is your boss?

After reading blogger Gintai’s “How to nurture your boss”, I feel inspired to write about bad bosses. Gintai has also encouraged me to blog again and hence I take a break from my project to do so.

The following are some examples of bad bosses and when should one quit the job. Please feel free to share your personal experiences too.

1) The boss has PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) everyday. She communicates with her staff by yelling.

2) The boss dares not make decisions nor takes responsibilities and has the clueless idea all the time; always asking “what do you think?”

3) The boss gets mad when a staff resigns; he gets someone to occupy the staff’s work station while the latter was serving his remaining weeks in the company, leaving the staff to find elsewhere to sit in the office.

4) The boss asked the staff to jump out of the window when the latter could not meet his sales targets.

5) The boss micro-manages his staff; warning the staff when they’re late for five minutes (when they had worked late till 2am the previous night). But when his own boss gets out of town, he’ll go for long lunches including golf-playing.

6) The boss is always abusive to his/her staff often calling them stupid.

7) The boss always send his/her staff to run personal errands like collecting laundry, going to the banks, etc., when the boss himself/herself is also the employee of the company.

8) The bosses sent a team of staff to their house over the weekend to decorate because it was their father’s birthday. The staff were not paid nor invited to stay to enjoy the party and food.

9) The sales boss (with no sales experience at all) accusing the staff of pretending to make sales calls (because he saw the staff was not talking when in actual fact, the line on the other side was ringing and no one had come to pick up yet).

10) Having a scheming and vicious boss is no easy life in the work place, especially in sales environment where sales persons’ income is based on commission for closed sales. A good boss would define/assign clear sales territories to the staff. A bad boss would act blur when your coworker starts to contact the companies that were supposed to be your sales accounts. This would create “bad blood” among coworkers.

When does one decide to “divorce” his/her boss (to call it quit)?

1) When you bring your emotional package home; throwing temple toward your loved ones; being impatient to them; easily agitated over the most minor things.

2) When you starting doubting your own intelligence; hearing voices in your head repeating what your abusive boss has been telling you “You are so stupid.”

3) When you start falling sick frequently and develop psoriasis, eczema, gastric, etc., which are stress related. This is your body signaling, telling you that your immunity is going down.

4) When your boss requires you to work onsite on Sundays (which both of you are responsible for the project) but he will not show up because he needs to spend time with his family.

5) When you start to doubt your existence in this world. (Dude, this is seriously dangerous).

The above are tell tale signs that you should seriously consider resigning, for the interests of you and your loved ones.


Gintai_昇泰 said...

This is shocking! With evil bosses like that how u expect staff to be loyal? U won't find this in successful companies like Apple or Goggle! I did blog on the best boss in the work. Go to my blog to do a search on Dr Abdul Kalam. He is ex-President of India. Thks for the article.

SG Girl Next Door said...

The list can go on...

Thanks for your comments.

asingaporeanson said...

I've gotten some and I did left in the end. Good list, well in.

SG Girl Next Door said...

@ asingaporeanson

Hope you have a better superior now.