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Monday, October 5, 2009

Beauty Pageant: My Experience

The recent news of our Miss Singapore World 2009 has reminded me that I had participated in a beauty pageant before. Yes, me, someone who kept a low profile back in school days; who didn't run for student counsel or made as many friends as possible in school, had dared to join a beauty contest.

Memories of those days came back to me now. Well, I was young then and super slim. I don't remember the exact reason of me wanting to join. Perhaps I wanted some sort of an 'achievement' (since I didn't pass my exams in flying colours but I did pass though) and to gain experience from such events. So I sent my picture and the form to the contest organiser and very soon I got a call from them telling me that I was selected. I was to prepare my own dress and do my own make up for the selection round.'s the problem. I was freshed out from school and really didn't know how to prepare for it. So I called a friend, Louis (who was then working for a local designer) for advice. He told me I should get a cocktail dress and offered to design one and got it tailored for me free of charge. How sweet of him. He actually paid for the expensive French velvet and organza and got a tailor with superb workmanship to work on the dress. The dress was indeed beautiful: black velvet with orangey organza trimings; sexy and classy.

What about my hair and make up? A friend was a trainee in a hair salon and got his boss to style my hair and my make up was done by his friend who was working at a cosmetic counter. All free of charge!

On the day of the contest, we had some time to do our last minute touch up in the powder room. Try guessing what was the topic some of them were discussing? The sizes of their boobs. One of the girls even asked me:"Do you think my boobs are bigger or yours' bigger"? Well, I assured her, hers were bigger (as if I care). She then let out a satisfactory grin. Sigh..So shallow minded..

Each of us had to parade ourselves for the judges. When my name was called, I did my 'cat walk' as told. At the end of it, I realised I'd made a huge mistake. Guess again? No, I'd zipped up my dress properly and my dress didn't fall off. I had forgotten to smile!! That was a beauty contest and I did not smile! And so you would have guessed, I wasn't chosen for the semi finals.

Was I disappointed? No I wasn't. I had experienced the process of participating in the contest and had also seen how my friends helped me to get there and those who came and supported me.

Did I join other beauty pageants after that? No I did not. I felt that I don't need to join beauty contests to feel pretty or confident. I would feel more confident with more knowledge I gained; be it academic or work experience. I wanted an experience and I had that. In fact, I went back to my daily routine of going to school (which I'd enrolled) and working part time for my school fees.

What's the name of the contest? I really don't remember. But I still keep that dress in my wardrobe. Just the other day I took a look at it and wondered: how did I fit into that dress before? (It was really small). And I realised I had grown so much (wider). lol

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Anonymous said...

way to go girl! I don't even have the courage to join... anyway don't have that kind of "body" to begin with! wahahhahaha.... rina ^_^