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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Mother's Search For Her Lost Child

I was on my way walking home after buying lunch today when I heard tiny chirping sounds on the grass patch beside me. I turned to see a very young bird resting on the grass. Up on a tree (behind me), there's an adult yellow bird ( it looked like a black-naped oriole except that it's in yellow and green) 'calling out' loudly. I figured it was looking for her young who might had disappeared from the nest.

There were traffic passing by and the young bird's chirping sound was quite soft. Perhaps the mother could not hear its cry. The adult bird, on the tree, was looking around and calling out non-stop but never looked down at the grass patch. Soon, the young bird was tired and closed its eyes to rest. I tried whristling to catch the attention of the adult bird but to no avail. It flew from one tree to another and it never stop calling loudly. Usually these birds sing beautifully in the morning. Whenever I walked pass these trees I could hear them singing. But today, the sound was definitely not normal. It sounded like loud caws of crows. I could detect the urgency and desperateness in her calls.

(Below is the usual sound of the bird)

As I stood helplessly looking at the young bird, an old lady was passing by, stopped and asked me what's the matter. In my broken hokkien, I managed to explain to her. I told her I do not know how to help. We watched the adult bird flew from tree to tree. Then the young bird opened its eyes but was not making any more sound. We spotted a shorter tree nearby (newly planted; not fully grown yet). I told her it would be good if the young bird could rest on the branch instead of on the grass as I was afraid it might be harmed by cats or dogs.

She agreed and immediately put down her groceries and went to pick up the little bird and placed it on the tree branch. I applauded the old lady's bravery as I would not dare to touch the little bird for two reasons: (1) I feel uneasy touching the soft bones of the bird and (2) I'm afraid of bird flu. 

I thanked her for her help. The old lady said she was going to hang around to see if her action was successful. I walked back to my block feeling pretty pleased.

In the evening, I passed by that tree again. The little bird was not there anymore. I really hope it has reunited with its mother.

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