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Friday, January 1, 2010

Memories of the Past

Was going through my cupboard earlier and found some interesting stuff I still keep till now.

I remember this doll! It was the only one time I asked my dad to buy for me. I knew my dad was not earning alot when we were young and I would usually not ask for new toys. But I could not resist that particular one. It came with three dresses, curlers, hair dryer, make-up, etc. I remember I tried to convince my dad it was not that expensive; "Dad, its only $8.15!" (the price tag is still there at the top left hand corner of the box). Oh, I remember I'd hand sewn extra dresses for my doll too. Isn't she adorable?

This piece of drawing was one of my favourite. I had chosen pastel as the medium and had used perspective to project space between the lady and the guy. The outfit on the guy was actually one of the designs of my collection.

Not sure if I could reproduce the same standard now. Drawing needs patience and lots of practice...

This piece of bangle was my exam piece for my jewellery design class. Though it was an elective class, I still spent alot of effort in researching and refining my designs to come up with the final design. And because I had chosen to make a bangle, due to its size and weight, it had actually cost me a bomb in acquiring the right amount of silver to work on.

Don't assume a piece of silver to be shaped like a bar (like a bar of gold). It actually shapes like a piece of rock; irregular shape. Alot of work has to be done to turn a piece of silver into a piece of jewellery. Cutting, flattening, pulling, soldering, filing, etc. are all neccessary procedures of any kind of hand made jewellery (not to mention the amount of sweat too). I had deliberately chosen not to polish it in order to give the bangle a tarnished, rustic look.


e.lee said...

lovely bangle

SG Girl Next Door said...

Thanks E.Lee; had put in lots of effort in that bangle.. :)