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Friday, February 12, 2010

Gifts Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is just around the corner. This year the day coincides with the first day of Chinese New Year.The latter is an important occasion for all Chinese to be with their families and loved ones. Many couples may choose not to celebrate on the day itself as priority is given to their families.

There are many ideas of gifts for her:

Photo of a valentines day card and heart shaped box of candy.A simple box of chocolates and a card would just touch her heart; provided she's not on a diet. Or else after she finishes the box of chocolates, no doubt she would feel the warmth in her heart, but she would also put on an extra 5 pounds at her hips. lol


A dozen or more beautiful roses would bring a broad 
smile on most girl's face (also on my face); unless she's not a flower-lover..

If you want to show how much you love her (and don't mind paying more), jewellery would be nice.  Diamonds, gold and gemstones are many girls' (mine too) best friends.

Those who want to be more romantic, could consider lingerie.

 Too late to get gifts? Since this Valentine's Day is also the first day of Chinese New Year, why not give her a red packet (with cash or cheque) instead?

Here's wishing everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year and a romantic Valentine's Day!!




unruly `foreign talent' said...

Is this a hint to your boyfriend? ;)

SG Girl Next Door said...

They pretended not to get the hint.. :(

unruly `foreign talent' said...

They did? All of them? Well then I think you should dump them - you deserve better!

How many boyfriends do you have?

SG Girl Next Door said...

One can't dump his/her girlfriend/boyfriend for not giving gifts right?

I'm ok.. Thanks.

unruly `foreign talent' said...

Haha, sure you can. Boyfriends get dumped for things like that all the time.
That way they will also learn to be more considerate to their girlfriends in future..

SG Girl Next Door said...

Did you dump your boyfriend (for not giving you gifts) or were you dumped for not giving your girlfriend gifts?

unruly `foreign talent' said...

No, I always gave my girlfriends gifts at the right times, so I never got dumped for that. But if I didn't then I would expect to be dumped, especially if she had given me such a sweet and charming hint like you did.

SG Girl Next Door said...