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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Wife Not Enough

Most people should know by now about film maker, Jack Neo's affair who was exposed by his mistress. Couldn't avoid not knowing as news of his affair were splashed all over local newspapers and the internet. Many expressed 'shocked' over his exposed affair.

Why shocked? This is happening all over the world daily. Celebrities and non-celebrities are doing it. I'm not saying its morally correct but nowadays, nothing could shock me no more.

Just look around your surroundings: Your married GM could be sleeping with his secretary; your colleagues could be cheating on their spouses; and worst of all, your best friend, (or even your male friend) could be sleeping with your husband.

Some women always say:"I have faith in my husband". However, they do not know, a lot of times, their husbands don't even have faith in themselves to resist temptation. You see, when faced with such situation, men don't use their brains to think; they think with their "little brother".  And as they aged, maybe its their mid-life crisis or old aged crisis, they would go for girls half their age, (if not more). I wonder if I'm in my fifties (like Jack), could I have men in their twenties? I feel nauseous with this thought.

One thing I can't comprehend is, very often, the wives would "close one eye" toward their husbands' affairs. Was it because the wives have no earning power and were afraid to starve to death when divorced? Or was it just so simply "for the sake of the children"? Could the wives close one eye if their husbands passed sexually transmitted diseases to them? Beats me, really.

And for those men who proclaimed:"I didn't stray; I'm faithful". Ha, don't be so confident yet. This is because the devil has yet to use this (temptation) to destroy your life. When you really meet one woman/girl, half your wife's age, has all the attributes you'd dreamt of, and by then if you still intend to stay faithful, my advice is: put on your sneakers and run; run as fast and far away from her. Chances are if you stay longer or wanting to prove you can resist her, you end up falling for her and the rest is history.

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unruly `foreign talent' said...

I once knew a woman in mid 20s and guy in mid 50s, both married, who were having an affair...that's maybe not so unusual, but what was more unusual was the age of the woman's husband: he was in his 60s!

"You see, when faced with such situation, men don't use their brains to think; they think with their "little brother"."

LOL! Ahem, no comment :)
But how about the young women having affairs with these older men - what makes them want to do it? Is it just the allure of the man's power or celebrity status? I'd expect that most girls or young women would be creeped out if a guy twice their age tried to hit on them...too naive?