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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Wedge Shoes I Purchased

I bought a pair of wedge shoes at a mall that were on sales recently. I love wearing wedge shoes cos’ they can make me taller; as tall as 1.75m when I wear a 3-inch heels. And compared to wearing the stiletto heels, its more stable to walk on, (tendency of tripping is close to zero) as the base of the heels are much broader.

Back to the wedge shoes I bought. It’s a lovely red color. I fell in love with them when I first spotted the wedges. A couple of days later, I decided to wear them for my outing. I chose the outfit that matched the shoes. As soon as I reached the lobby of my apartment, and before I could walk more than ten steps, I almost tripped. I looked down and to my astonishment, the sole of one of the wedges had actually came off. I had to limp back to my apartment.

As I was examining the sole of the other one, it too came off. Furious, I brought back to the mall where the promotion was still on to exchange. This time, I examined closely before I took the new pair home.

The next day, I decided to wear it. You won’t believe it. The same thing happened! Only this time, both the soles came off as soon as I reached the lobby of my apartment and I probably managed to walk in them for just five steps.

I brought them to the retail shop at the mall. The sales assistant told me they would send back to the head office and let them decide what they would do. She took down my mobile number and told me someone from the head office would contact me. That was last Friday and no one had contacted me. So on Tuesday, I went back to the store and asked about it. Apparently, they had glued back the soles and were sent back to the store. I asked why no one informed me of the status. The sales girl replied they had received the shoes but were too busy to contact me. Ok, I tried not to be angry at such level of customer service. After all, they had mended the shoes for me.

So the next day, I decided to try the wedges by walking in them to the mall. (I didn’t dare to wear them to town yet). And being a careful person, I had brought along an extra pair of shoes with me. This time I actually managed to walk in them all the way to the mall. I was feeling a sense of relieve when suddenly as I stepped onto the tiles of the mall, I felt slippery. It shouldn’t have happened. You see, usually for shoes with soles that are not anti-slip, I would paste those non-slip stopper on the soles and I would be able to walk in them without tripping.

I looked at the bottom of the wedges and found that both the heels have came off. So I walked right into the store and showed them. I told the sales assistant I wanted a refund. The sales girl told her male colleague what had happened and he called the office for instruction. After the call, he told me he had to send them back to head office for them to examine. I told him I just want a refund as I had lost faith in their products and won’t want to waste time. I insisted if he couldn’t decide, let me speak to their manager. He made another call and spoke for another five minutes. Finally I got my refund. The sales guy had to pay me first (from his own pocket) and claim back from office later. Sigh, the store does not even have a refund system in place.

You would have said since I had gotten my refund, I would suffer no lost. Wrong. The shoes cost $9.90; but the anti-slipped stopper cost me $5!


Singaporean in London said...

Lol, you should probably get more expensive (thus better quality) shoes next time round. That said, I'm surprised that there are still shoes peddling for under a tenner.

SG Girl Next Door said...

Singaporean in London

You might think that expensive shoes won't give any problems. I have a pair of leather flat shoes, (S$350, giving to me as a Christmas present last year). It's leather is soft so by right should be very comfy. Guess what? Whenever I wear them, they give me really bad blisters on the back of my heels and the blisters take a week to heal.

Yes, here you can still get some relatively cheap (and good) stuff like clothings. Some designs I bought could last a couple of fashion seasons..