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Friday, April 2, 2010

I Dislike the New MSN Homepage

I’d been using as my browser homepage all along, and was rather satisfied with it. (The left image was what the old msn homepage looked like).

Then Microsoft began to roll out their new design of the homepage. Though I don’t really like it, (I'm still used to the "feel" of the old msn), but I still choose it as my homepage.

Then today when I opened my browser, I realized my homepage has become

Apparently, xinmsn is a partnership between Mediacorp Pte Ltd and Microsoft. The page shows local entertainment news which I’m not interested. I want the U.S. msn homepage. So I checked the ‘internet options’ under the tools option of the browser to retype the msn address. What surprised me most is that even when I set the homepage address to, I realized it still shows the homepage. It does not give you an option whether you like to have that as your homepage.

If some of you techies out there know a way to change my homepage to U.S msn, please let me know. (I hate not having choices). Meanwhile, I’ll just set my homepage to


Anonymous said...


or any of the countries portal below
that are using theold format

SG Girl Next Door said...

Hey, it works! Muck!