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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fiction: The Other One

“It’s over. We signed the papers yesterday.” Sally told Lewis, one of her close friends. “Till now, he still refuses to tell me who she is.”
“Perhaps he didn’t want to upset you further.” said Lewis.
“She has to be someone I know. Why must he protect her identity? Is she one of my friends? Lewis, did he mention to you about her?” asked Sally.
“Sally, you need to let go and move on.” Lewis advised.
“Whatever happens to our marriage vow – till death do us part? I’m still alive and he has left me!” Sally started sobbing.
“I know you’re hurting now. It takes time to heal. Whenever you need a listening ear, I’ll be there for you ok? I’m still your friend even though you’ve separated from Eddy.”
“Thanks Lewis. Thanks for staying around for me. I’ve not told my girlfriends yet. I just feel so ashamed I couldn’t keep my marriage alive.”

Two weeks later, Sally received a call from her girlfriend Lisa.
“Sally, we need to meet. I’ve something to tell you.”
“Lisa, sorry I’m…I’m not in the mood to go out.”
“It’s important. It’s about your husband Eddy.”
“Okay. Meet me at the usual café in an hour’s time.”

At the café, Lisa told Sally: “Sally, you must remain calm over what I’m going to tell you and show you.”
“Is it about Eddy’s mistress? Who is she?”
“You know Richard’s company is the client of Axtra (where Eddy works)? Well, Rich has been hearing some rumor that Eddy is having a close relationship with one of his coworker. He didn’t believe them until last night.”
“What happened last night?” asked Sally.
“Axtra invited its clients for its company’s cocktail event. Rich and his team attended; Eddy was there too. After many rounds of red wine, Rich spotted Eddy and his coworker behaving rather intimately at one dark corner. Rich couldn’t believe his eyes. Anyway he took a picture of them with his cell phone. He asks me to show it to you.” Lisa then showed Sally the picture in the cell phone. Yes, in that picture, Eddy was hugging someone (not a friendship kind of hug); a face that Sally recognized.

Suddenly it all made sense to Sally. Lewis, Eddy’s buddy-cum-colleague. The many ‘overseas business trips’ they had. The many nights that Lewis stayed over at their house ‘to work on projects’. And Eddy always told her: “Don’t wait on me, dear. We’re going to work through the night in the study room”. And what Eddy said on the day he moved out of their house: “I’m moving to Lewis’ place for the time being till I find a place for myself.”

Lewis was the other one.

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