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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OH! Open House is Back

For those who’ve missed the art exhibition Open House in 2009, OH! 2011 is back.

OH! 2009 was held in Niven Road where owners of the pre-war shop houses allowed the artists to display their art works in their homes. I enjoyed the house hoping concept to view the artists’ works.


OH! 2011, as I was informed will be held in Marine Parade in January. The right and below pictures are works of artists Jes Brinch and Teng Yen Lin that will be displayed then. (There should be more artists but I was only given those pictures).

From my experience in 2009, I would like to share what you should pay a little attention to:

  • Do wear shoes that are easy to take on and off. (Foreigners who are new in this country, in our culture we do not wear our shoes into someone’s house).
  • Carry an umbrella as there might still be wet days in January.
  • We were not allowed to use the houses’ toilets back in 2009 in Niven Road. Hence please do your small/big ‘businesses’ elsewhere before you go there.
So mark your calendar for OH! 2011.

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