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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Man Who Walked into the Female Toilet

I was washing my hands in a mall’s female toilet. It was deserted and I was the only one in there. Then came in a young man with short hair, wearing spectacles, t-shirt, long pants and carrying a laptop bag. He walked straight up towards the cubicles.

I was stunned. To make sure he did not accidentally walked into the female toilet, I called out to him: “Excuse me.” He answered “yes?” and walked back to face me. It was then that I saw ‘he’ has boobs and the outline of the bra underneath ‘his’ t-shirt.

Immediately I said: “Er… Sorry.” (I didn’t want to embarrass both of us further by explaining why I apologized). She paused for a second and said: “Oh… Ok.” Then she turned to walk towards the cubicles again. Fortunately he she wasn’t mad at me.

I’m not prejudiced against one’s dressing style. I was sensitive because it’s a female toilet; especially there are many perverts roaming around these days.

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