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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

GM of Food Outlet Responded

The General Manager of the food outlet has responded to my complaint of 'sharp object found in mee siam'. To be fair to them, the Facility Manager of the outlet did reply to my email the next day (as I did not leave my contact number for them). He explained upon receiving my email, they had inspected their kitchen but could not determine where and how the plastic could have mixed with the food.

He also assured me that they will continue to review their food handling process to ensure their food safety and would like to compensate me for this unpleasant experience. Hence he would like me to contact him for further clarification. I left my contact number to the manager via email.

The next day, the GM called me personally (to my surprise). He apologised for the unpleasant experience that I had gone through. He also told me that he has inspected the kitchen and reviewed their food handling process by checking with the packing staff and even their supplier who supplied the containers. However he still could not find out how the plastic had gotten into the food. He ensured me that they will be more careful to prevent similiar occurrence and would like to make up to me in the form of compensation.

I explained to him since I was not hurt by the incident, my feedback was not to ask for compensation but merely wanting them to improve on their food hygiene and safety. The GM insisted saying that my feedback was very important to the company for improvement. He asked me to give him some time to arrange for the cash vouchers so that he could hand them to me personally.

Today, he came and handed me the cash vouchers personally. I never expect a GM to handle this case personally, let alone meeting me in person. I would expect the company manager to handle it and probably mail the vouchers to me. I must say throughout my conversation with him (via phone and face to face), he has been very sincere.

Would I continue to patronise this food outlet (they have outlets island wide)? Yes I would. Afterall, it is a local brand that comes a long way..


Fat88Trader said...

Hi SG Girl,

What's the name of this food outlet? Is the Mee Siam delicious?

I don't mind dropping by to patronise if I'm around the area, the GM's attitude deserve our support.


SG Girl Next Door said...

Hi Fat88Trader

No its not. Its sells snacks like fishballs, sotong balls, curry puffs, fried spring rolls, etc. For breakfast, they sell fried noodles, mee siam, chicken wings, etc. They have outlets in all shopping malls.

Can guess? Didn't disclose the name cos I don't wish to 'shame' the brand. I still like their snacks. :)