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Saturday, November 21, 2009

How to watch movies for free?

How much does a movie ticket cost nowadays? Ten bucks. The amount can buy me four bowls of fishball noodles at $2.50 in a coffee shop (the one near my place is selling at $2.50).

If your neighbourhood shopping mall does not have a cinema, that means you need to travel to another shopping mall with a cinema to watch the movie you want. That includes transportation fares (mrt or bus or taxi). If you drive, then you incur parking fees too. Then time is also spent on getting dressed. I know guys are simpler, a t-shirt, bermudas and sneakers, and off they go. Well, girls (most girls) are more particular. We would want to look presentable in public places. So we usually spend a bit of time finding the right outfit, putting a bit of make up, and checking ourselves in front of the mirror at least three times before we can step out of the house. Hence the cost of watching a movie is $10+++.

Nowadays, I've turned to the internet to watch movies. And its free! Yes, members of some web sites would upload the movies and you don't even need to download to watch; just watch online.

Here are the advantages of watching movies online:

1) You don't need to queue for a ticket
2) You can be in your most comfortable outfit (even in your pyjamas)
3) You can pause the movie to go make a cup of coffee or go to the washroom and you won't miss any parts
4) You could even watch some good movies that didn't make it to the local cinemas
5) If the movie is no good, you won't feel you've wasted the money, just your time
6) If you have time, you could watch a few movies without leaving your house
7) You can connect your laptop to your tv if you want to watch with your family

Of course there are advantages of watching movies in cinemas. The screen is so much bigger and the embience is rather good (provided other patrons have turned their mobile phones to silent mode). Some may want to shop around or eat after the movie. So going to the cinema is a better option.

For those who just want to watch alone, spend less money and are too lazy to step out of the house, watching online may be a better choice.

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