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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Art Exhibition: Oh! Open House

Went to an art exhibition on Saturaday night: Oh! Open House at Wilkie Edge. Admission was free. You could also purchase a $12 tour ticket whereby you go house-hoping along Niven Road to view different artists' works. There are pre-war shop houses along both sides of Niven Road.

Some of the house owners had agreed to let the work pieces of the artists to be placed at their homes. Its an interesting concept. Imagine you hop from one house to another to view art and at the same time, view the decor of the homes; plus its cheap. The $12 ticket comes with a free beer. If you don't drink you could redeem three small badges that have artists' work printed on them. I, a non-drinker, naturally chose the badges.

I had forgotten to bring a camera (didn't know they allow photo taking). Hence I could only use my mobile phone (resolution isn't that good) to take some of the interesting art pieces.

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