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Monday, May 31, 2010

My New Mobile

I have changed my mobile. My past mobiles were all Nokia’s. The service provider that I’m subscribing to was offering some pretty good promotion (for re-contracting another 2-year plan with them). So I’d decided to take their offer. For $48, I’d chosen Samsung Corby Pro, a touch screen phone.

First time using a touch screen phone, I’m quite clumsy. Whenever I tried to scroll the screen with my thumb on the contacts, I pressed the contact numbers and ended up calling my friends. Perhaps the touch screen is very sensitive too.

What I like about this mobile is that it has ‘auto-reject calls’ function. I receive a lot of calls from advertisers and find them very irritating. If I key these numbers under auto-reject list, I won’t have to entertain or pick up their calls. So I painstakingly keyed in all their numbers including ex-boyfriends’ and others I find irritating. And voila! It’s been peaceful for days!

My previous Nokia phone allows me to copy, cut and paste information. It makes creating new contacts or save information rather easily. However, this Samsung Corby Pro does not have that.

I like the design of it though; looks pretty cool, (I like cool gadgets). It comes with a sliding key pad for those who are not used to touch screen to type their text messages or emails. But you need to use both hands to use the key pad. I’m used to using just my thumb to key messages, (and it’s very much faster). It’s too much trouble using both hands. Also, I can’t put in ringtones for my contacts that are saved in sim directory. I need to copy the contacts to the phone in order to do that.

Anyone using this model out there? Please share your experience here. I’m too lazy to read the manual. :)

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